Uncategorized In the primary market, the initial time given offers to be public, in financial exchange is considered as?
Uncategorized It is a group of words that expresses a complete thought.
Uncategorized Which of the following is the theme of the story Pyramus and Thisbe of Roman Literature by Ovid?
Uncategorized What is the SI unit of density?
Uncategorized In a certain year, if the month of June had exactly 5 Mondays and 5 Tuesdays then on which day of the week did the June 1st occur in the same year?
Uncategorized The code ‘41’ is used for which among the following words?
Uncategorized In which of the following areas can blockchain not be utilized?
Uncategorized Which language is used for styling web pages?
Bills of Exchange Promissory Note includes an unconditional ___?
A promissory note is an unqualified guarantee recorded as a hard copy made by one individual to one more endorsed by the creator, connecting with to pay, on request or at a fixed or definable future time, a total sure in cash, too, or to the request for, a predefined individual or the carrier.
Accounting In order to be classified as a cash equivalent, an investment must have a maturity date of